From the perspective of the Romans, there was only one city; Rome. The entire world began outside its walls, and the entire world crossed paths in its forum. Their vision of the world was mediated through the lens of the city and the unique Roman conception of pluralistic citizenship. This blog is a collection of my thoughts, both structured and incoherent, in an era of profound change and instability. I see the city as the basic unit of civilisation and my vision of the world is equally mediated through that lens.

The city is under attack, as Jane Jacobs decried all those years ago, by forces that cannot and will not understand how it functions. Mies van der Rohe quipped that an architect’s work ranges from the drawer to the city with everything in between. His architecture and Modernism in general have left us a mixed and confusing legacy, with which we are struggling to come to terms.

A city, in my view, is not merely a collection of buildings, but a structure. Call it the Saussure approach to urbanism. Architecture, ideas, politics are all intertwined. If energy and matter are in fact the same substance, so ideas and their concrete manifestations are part of a continuum. From the city to the world.

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